TO GO WITH AFP STORY 'PHILIPPINES-LIFESTYLE-TOURISM-VOLCANO-FEATURE'  This picture taken 12 June 1991 shows a giant mushroom cloud of steam and ash exploding out of Mount Pinatubo volcano during its eruption as seen from inside the then US military Clark Air Base in Angeles, located in Pampanga province.  Rickety old jeeps barrel through a dry northern Philippines riverbed, 14 October 2007 setting off a dust storm that coats the visitors bouncing around on the back seat. The landscape around Mount Pinatubo is evolving again 16 years after a gigantic volcanic eruption killed more than 1,500 people and sent a cloud of ash into the atmosphere cooling world temperatures for years.  AFP PHOTO/ARLAN NAEG (Photo credit should read ARLAN NAEG/AFP/Getty Images)