JUCHITAN, MEXICO- OCTOBER 1: A unique wedding is held as a transvestite and his gay boyfriend get married in Juchitan, Mexico, October 1, 2002. The wedding was held at the bride's house and thrown by the bride's family. Usually transvestites do not marry and live with their mothers for the rest of their lives. In the southern Mexican fishing town of Juchitan of roughly 85,000 people and its ancient Zapotekan culture, no one wonders about men in women's clothing. In Juchitan, giving birth to a girl is celebrated whereas giving birth to a boy produces condolences. In this matriarchal society, strong female figures are revered in the community and so many Zapotekan mothers choose one or more sons at a very young age to be raised as girls. The mothers don't call their chosen sons transvestites. They call them, in the Zapotekan language, "Musches", which means neither men nor women but something better. (Photo by Shaul Schwarz/ Getty Images)