Malagasy children aged 7 to 13 learn how to code on the CODER bus on September 24, 2016 in Antananarivo.
This project was created in October 2015 by the Malagasy NGO HABAKA.  The goal of the Coder Bus is inspired by the international organization Coder Dojo which allowed young people to have a first contact with informatic tools. Kids are invited to attend a basic course of informatic coding  2 times per week during three weeks. At the end of this course, kids must be able to create a small video game with the open source software SCRATCH. 12 volunteers (students from informatic university) supervise the youngsters. The Coder Bus goes to every disctrict of Antananarivo since Octobrer 2015 to sensibilize the local authority and show them that knowing informatic basis is important for the developpment of children. Some international companies as Facebook are interested by the Coder Bus projetc which is unique in the world. / AFP / RIJASOLO        (Photo credit should read RIJASOLO/AFP/Getty Images)