COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - NOVEMBER 08:  Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (C)  participates in excersises during The Mary Foundation (Danish, read: Mary Fonden) conference for teachers about how to achieve respectful communication among the oldest pupils in the schools in Copenhagen on November 08, 2016, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The background for the Mary Foundation's focus on this subject is that violence between husband and wife has its roots in isolation, marginalisation and loneliness during school age and within the school system and is carried through via bad communication between the pupils. The conference learns teachers through speeches and practical exercises - and in which the Crown Princess participated - how to identify the problems, what to do about it and how to avoid them. The conference slogan is "Respectfully Speaking" (Danish, read: Kærligt Talt") and is part of the Mary Foundation's preventive work related to  "Violence at Home".  (Photo by Ole Jensen/Corbis via Getty Images) At the photo teachers on the right side receives certain information about a subject - the other side know noting. Then the informed and non-informed begins talking within the subject, producing a weird feeling among the non-informed. They becomes outsiders.