A woman picks ripe cherries of coffee at the plantation of Mubuyu Farm, Zambia. This method of harvesting by hands called selective picking. More than 80 pickers are seasonal workers from the nearest village. They work from April to September, during the dry season. One worker can pick 100 kilograms of cherries per day.
Mubuyu farm is the largest producer of coffee in Zambia and the only private one. It belongs to Willem Lublinkhof who came to the country 45 years ago with the Dutch development service. Because coffee products are not very popular among Zambians, the bulk of it goes for export. There are 65 hectares of land under the coffee plantation today instead of 300 hectares in 2009. The manager of the coffee production Monday Chilanga says that the main reason of the reducing is very low prices for coffee. (Photo by Oleksandr Rupeta/NurPhoto via Getty Images)