MULTAN, PAKISTAN - JULY 3:  (NEWSWEEK AND US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT OUT)  A Pakistani boy work on a Computer in (Madrassa) religion school in on July 3, 2005 in Multan, Pakistan. Many Pakistani families cannot afford to send their children to public schools. Madrassas are free of charge and guarantee the families that their children will turn out to be "good Muslims." More importantly, a meal and possible boarding in dormitories is available. Madrassas are supposed to graduate Islamic scholars and teachers but the curriculum does not always offer math, science or literature subjects. They are taught to read and memorize the Koran in Arabic. The federal government supports the registered madrassas, between 12-15,000, and will supply computers but students rarely know how to use them. Jihad is still taught in some of the conservative and radical madrassas. There are nearly one million children in Pakistan's madrassas. Most graduates of madrassas will face unemployment and are easy recruits for Islamic militant organizations that proliferate in Pakistan. With the failure of the country's public education system, madrassas never suffer from low enrollment. Many of the more well endowed madrassas are supported by the Wahabi sect foundations and mosques in Saudi Arabia. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)