Dozens of Ogoh-ogoh presented to enliven welcome Nyepi (Silent Day) / Saka New Year 1937 that was held in National Monument, Jakarta (Friday, March 20, 2015). Ogoh-ogoh is the work of sculptural art of Balinese culture that describes the figure of Bhuta Kala. In Dharma Hinduism, Bhuta Kala figure represents strength (Bhu) of universe and time (Kala) which is not measurable and irrefutable. Bhuta Kala generally portrayed as scary as a giant. Ogoh-ogoh will be brought to the temple and be burned. This process symbolizes human conviction in the power of the universe and the time that is most powerful. That power includes the power of the Bhuana Agung (universe) and Bhuana Alit (human beings). In view of Tattwa (philosophy), this power can deliver sentient beings, particularly humans and the rest of the world to happiness or destruction. (Photo by Eddy Purwanto/NurPh (Photo by NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images)