VILLAGE OF CHANJON, GUATEMALA - DECEMBER 18: December 2013, Village of Chanjon, Rio, Guatemala. The tiny Guatemalan hamlet of Chanjon, consisting of but a few houses, no more than fifteen. The families animate this community, sharing their daily routines, their work tending the earth and the coffee harvest. The women play the role of housekeepers in the morning. Some of them among the community have chosen to be single, raising their children on their own. Members of this community of 22 families joined an association called Asdeflor in order to unite the strengths of each individual and to share out the products of the harvest. They became part of the AAA program in 2011. Here, a mother works its work on a traditional loom, whereas her daughters observe and help to spin wool there. Farms connected with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Development program. (Photo by Reza/Getty Images)