IN SPACE - MARCH 27: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) (NO SALES) This handout image supplied by the European Space Agency (ESA), shows a view of a huge iceberg, roughly the size of London drifting off Antarctica, in an image taken by ESA astronaut Tim Peake on the International Space Station, March 27, 2016. The iceberg, identified as A56 and is 26km by 13km, originates from the Weddell Sea and has been drifting slowly northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, floating more than 1500 km since July 2015. ESA astronaut Tim Peake is performing more than 30 scientific experiments and taking part in numerous others from ESA's international partners during his six-month mission, named Principia, after Isaac Newtons ground-breaking Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which describes the principal laws of motion and gravity. (Photo by Tim Peake - ESA/NASA via Getty Images)