KAPLICE, CZECH REPUBLIC - DECEMBER 12:  Participants dressed as the Krampus creatures walk the streets during Krampus gathering on December 12, 2015 in Kaplice, Czech Republic. Krampus, also called Tuifl or Perchten, is a demon-like creature represented by a fearsome, hand-carved wooden mask with animal horns, a suit made from sheep or goat skin and large cow bells attached to the waist that the wearer rings by running or shaking his hips up and down. Krampus has been a part of Central European, alpine folklore going back at least a millennium, and since the 17th-century Krampus traditionally accompanies St. Nicholas and angels on the evening of December 5 to visit households to reward children that have been good while reprimanding those who have not. However, in the last few decades the western Austrian region of Tyrol in particular has seen the founding of numerous village Krampus associations with up to 100 members each and who parade without St. Nicholas at Krampus events throughout November and early December. In the last few years, Czech towns, placed on the border with Austria, invite Austrian Krampus groups into towns for parades as a new tradition during Advent. (Photo by Matej Divizna/Getty Images)