HAMBURG, GERMANY - OCTOBER 7:   Syrian refugees Wael Al-Awis, 31, left, his wife Reem Haskour, 30, right, and their son Ali Al-Awis, 6, have breakfast with church member Ilona BŸnning, at the community center of the church congregation Kreuzkirche October 7, 2015 in Hamburg, Germany. The family was reunited three weeks ago after Reem and Ali made it to Germany following an arduous journey. The two rode a small inflatable rubber boat from Turkey to Greece, then continued their trek via the Balkans, Hungary and Austria before finally reaching Germany and Hamburg by train. Wael arrived in Germany on his own eight months ago and lived for the first five months in a shelter for migrants in Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg island district. German authorities initially sought to deport him to Spain after they found out that was where he first entered the European Union. Wael, who speaks English, made contact with a local aid organization called 'Die Insel Hilft' (The Island Helps), who offered legal assistance and eventually offered him to stay at the community center of the Kreuzkirche church congregation. The family is now seeking asylum in Germany. Germany is expecting to receive over a million migrants this year and while German Chancellor Angela Merkel has refused to close the border her critics charge Germany will be unable to cope with so many newcomers.   (Photo by Astrid Riecken/Getty Images)