[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO - APRIL 24: The legendary singer of disco and soul, Gloria Gaynor delighted the little more than 2,500 people who gathered at the Grand Oasis Cancun to hear her perform some of her classic hits, on Tuesday April 24, 2012, in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Gloria Gaynor, born in Newark, New Jersey, who began his career with the Soul Satisfiers band in the 60's, opened the concert performing "I am what I am to" tune that consolidated in the 80's musical career Gloria Fowles, best known as the queen of disco. Prior to the appearance on the stage of the queen of disco, several dancers with Afros, wearing bell-bottoms and tight tops, clothing that characterized the golden age of disco, danced to the center of the forum to put a track multicolored spheres illuminated mirrors, an icon of the 70. (Photo by Hugo Ortuño/Getty Images)