N'DJAMENA, CHAD - JUNE 22: A Chadian girl sits on a sofa with colorful pillows at a slumdog of N'djamena, Chad on June 22, 2015. Referred to as the "Dead Heart of Africa", the majority of Chads population does not respect the rights of children. One of the main problems faced by children is poverty. Chad, a crossing point between sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Thus, poverty, which affects a vast majority of young Chadians, has serious repercussions on their access to a healthy diet, adequate financial resources, healthcare, etc. Also, in Chad, the mortality rate of children under five is very worrisome. In fact, due to the lack of sanitation, drinking water and healthcare in rural areas, 209 children out of 1000 die every year. Another problem is education. The population of Chad is so disparate that Childrens Rights to education are compromised. In addition, parents are often reluctant to send their children to school. Only a small percentage of children in Chad are schooled. Crucial problem is child marriages. The marriage of young girls is still a common practice in Chad, as the age of majority is set differently within various documents. From a legal point of view, civil majority is reached at 21 years and the legal age of marriage is set at 15 years for girls and 18 years for boys. However in customary law, the age of marriage is implicitly set at 13 years, which goes against the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Other issue is child labor. In Chad, the minimum age for employment is 14 years. However, due to economic difficulties, many families are often forced to make their children work. (Photo by Orhan Cicek/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)