MOSUL, IRAQ - APRIL 14: 365 candles, representing days of a year, are lighted as Yezidis pray during celebrations of Yezidi New Year, known as Chwarshaba Sor or Red Wednesday, at Lalish Temple in Sheyhan district of Mosul, Iraq on April 14, 2015. Every year, on a Wednesday in April, Yezidis mark New Year, the day called Chwarshambia sor which means Red Wednesday in Kurdish. The New Year celebration is one of the three main Yezidi feasts. The ceremony started on Tuesday evening in Lalish Temple, the main Yezidi temple, which is 60 km north of Mosul, in Shekhan. Candles were lit in all corners of the temple. (Photo by Emrah Yorulmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)