From L to R: Jaafar Mohammed Osman al-Mirghani, an assistant to Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and the son of Democratic Unionist Party leader Osman Al-Mirghani, Hassan al-Turabi, a leading Islamist figure behind the 1989 coup that brought Bashir to power, NCP dissident Ghazi Salahuddin Atabani, a former Bashir adviser who in December launched a new "Reform" party, Sudan's leader of the Umma Party and opposition figure Sadiq al-Mahdi, and Minister of Investment and head of the National Congress Party (NCP) Mustafa Osman Ismail  listen to a speech by the Sudanese president at a conference hall along the Blue Nile in Khartoum late on January 27, 2014. In his latest call  for a broad political dialogue, including with the country's armed insurgents, Bashir appealed for a political and economic renaissance in his country ravaged by war, poverty and political turmoil. AFP PHOTO / EBRAHIM HAMID        (Photo credit should read EBRAHIM HAMID/AFP/Getty Images)