Militiamen from Amal, the first political organization of Lebanon's Shi'ite Muslims, watch 12 June 1986 on a portable TV a Mundial soccer match played in Mexico, Portugal against Morocco, some meters of the northern entry of Shatila Palestinian camp in the south of Beirut, during the break in the battle with pro-Arafat PLO guerrillas. Fighting between Palestinian guerrillas and Shi'ite Amal militiamen for control of the refugee camps in the south of Beirut, which had continued sporadically ever since the nominal cease-fire of June 1985, erupted into major exchange in March. The refugee camps of Sabra, Shatila and Bourj el-Barajneh were increasingly under the control of guerrillas loyal to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) of Yasser Arafat, who were continuing to return to Lebanon. Sunni and Druze militias continued to lend discreet support to the PLO, and there was serious fighting in June between Sunni forces and the Syrian-backed Amal.        (Photo credit should read ABOU KHAROUB/AFP/Getty Images)