BAKU, AZERBAIJAN - MAY 10 : May 10, 2013, Ajdar bey Mosque, Baku, Azerbaijan.  The Ajdar bey Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, was called Ittifaq (Union) during construction from 1912-1913, because one of the main goals was that it would be a place to unite the two main branches of Islam: Sunni and Shias. Here, Sunni and Shia men attend Friday prayer together. The symbolism of their arms illustrates the incredible integration between the two sects of Islam. Sunni Muslims fold their arms during prayer while Shia Muslims pray with their hands open at their sides. Sunnis touch their foreheads to the ground while praying whereas Shias touch their foreheads to a hard circular amulet, called Turbah, made of clay from the holy land of Karbala. (Photo by Reza/Getty Images)