TO GO WITH Myanmar-minorities-politics-unrest,FOCUS by Hla Hla Htay
This photo taken on May 24, 2013 shows ethnic Wa, Palaung and Shan watching a religious ceremony by the ethnic Shan militia group in Mangpan in Myanmar's northeastern Shan State. Ethnic Wa make up about one percent of the Myanmar population, with about 800,000 people of various ethnic groups in the self-administered region, according to the United Wa State Army spokeman.  The United Wa State Army, which commands an estimated 30,000 troops, holds sway over a remote mountainous area on the northeast border with China that is believed to be awash with drugs and has long been aloof from central Myanmar control.     AFP PHOTO / Hla Hla HTAY        (Photo credit should read HLA HLA HTAY/AFP/Getty Images)