A combo shows a file photo taken on November 11, 1989 of West Berliners crowding in front of the Berlin Wall as East German border guards demolish a section of the wall in order to open a new crossing point between East and West Berlin, and a photo taken on March 1, 2013 of policemen facing protestors as a section of the East Side Gallery, a 1,3 km long remainder of the Berlin Wall, is being removed for a housing construction project near the city's east railway station in Berlin on March 1, 2013. Some 25 meters of this section of the wall that mostly came down 23 years ago and marked the end of the cold war are taken away to make way for a new housing development on river Spree, a project called Living Levels. As news of this spread activists and artists that had decorated this remaining part of the cold war relic known as the east side gallery came to protest. AFP PHOTO / GERARD MALIE / ODD ANDERSEN        (Photo credit should read GERARD MALIE/ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)