OCT 14 1974, OCT 15 1974; Puppy Learns Pitfall of Putting head where it Doesn't Belong; That condition called curiosity-é+«which has reportedly been fatal to cats-é+« was responsible for some anxious moments Monday for 2-month-old Barney, a collie mix. Barney stands trapped with his head stuck in a wheel, above, in back yard of his owner, Jay Henderson, 5001 Tejon St. Mrs. Eleanor Green, 4985 Zuni St., who spotted the puppy's plight, and her son, Albert, below left, try to dislodge the puppy. They worked about 1 -é+¦/a hours but were unable to free him. Finally, Ray Sheeran, 4995 Tejon, getting thank-you kiss from Barney, below, managed to get the dog loose. Henderson's watchdog bull mastiff, Susie, looking on at rear, allowed rescuers free run of the yard.;  (Photo By Ira Gay Sealy/The Denver Post via Getty Images)