DEC 5 1971, DEC 6 1971; (DX-4) Denver, Colo., Dec.6--Knothole Gang Moves Up--The old knothole gang has moved up in the world ***** attends each Denver Bronco game and view the contest perched on their ***** scaffolding. Each home game this year for the Broncos has been sold out with 51,200 in attendance.The quartet viewed the final home game Sunday with the Broncos scoring a 6-3 win over the Chicago (AP Wirephoto) (bs21130DPBS) 71.; Denver Broncos - Fans; 'South West Stands'; That's what these folks tones a long fence call their vantage point. This make shift scaffold & occurs attend all games.; Taking in the Game from the cheap 'Seats'; These Denver Broncos fans built this 'Southwest Stands' along the fence at Mile High Stadium Sunday afternoon to watch the Broncos defeat the Chicago Bears 6-3 in a National Football League game, the last home game of the Denver team in the 1971 season.;  (Photo By Barry  Staver/The Denver Post via Getty Images)