(HR) ABOVE: Jeff Anderson, right, Program Manager for Colorado Department of Transportation Bridge Inspections, and Steven Pineiro, Engineer with the CDOT inspect the columns and pier caps underneath the bridge. The exposed rebar is cause by oxidation. It looks bad but when it becomes unsafe is when there is continued erosion of the concrete to where the structural steel cables behind it become exposed. The state of Colorado is looking for billions of dollars to fix crumbling bridges and roads through-out the state. One of the neediest with one of the highest price tags is the I-70 Viaduct that runs for 2.6 miles east and west near the Purina plant and the Denver Coliseum. Estimated costs to replace it as is and without any lane capacity additions is projected to be $800 million. It goes over $1 billion if it is to be widened. Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post  (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images)