09_22_05_MURAMBA, RWANDA, AFRICA- ABOVE: Sister Marie Donata smiles at the girl's high school in Muramba, Rwanda <cq> says "poverty and teh lack of education is the basis of much violence here." <cq>. She and other village leaders teamed up with the Colorado-based Engineers with out Borders USA to try to improve living standards in the area <cq>. Girls at her school have now been able to benefit from the help of Engineers Without Borders and solar panels on the roof of the cafeteria that enables them to continue their studies late into the evening hours <cq>. After the horrifying genocide in Rwanda in 1994, surviving nuns in this village near the border of Congo wanted light to help bring their village out of poverty <cq>. With the help of a new compassionate priest from Uganda, and the a group of people from Denver, this village of about 25,000 people <cq> is turning the corner from conflict and begun the long road of recovery <cq>. Now in this predominantly moderate Hutu village, there is light and electricity in some of the main buildings, a bit more water and improved roads. PHOTOS BY HELEN H. RICHARDSON  (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images)