THAILAND - FEBRUARY 16:  Pigs in Bor Kai village, Lahu tribe in Thailand on February 16, 2010 - Ban Bor Kai village Lahu. Lahu people are famous for their musical instruments, made of wood and bamboo. Lahu people live in the mountains of China, Myanmar (Burma), Laos and northern Thailand. There are approximately 30 000 Lahus now living in Thailand. There are four tribes within the Lahu: Black, Red, Yellow and She-Leh.I met the Black ones, called like that because of the black colors of the women traditional clothes sleeves. Before, their domestic animals like chicken, pigs and buffalos were kept in the basement corral of their houses, but thai goverment has asked them to separate for health security. So now, you can find 2 villages: one for the humans, one for the animals. Most of the time, Lahus remain in the same place, but if some strange deaths happens , they can decide to leave the place. The Lahus are animist and believe in one spirit with overall control all the others. Many Lahus have been converted to christianity and have abandoned their old way of life.  (Photo by Eric LAFFORGUE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)