JAPAN - JULY 17:  Teahouse On The Tree In Japan On July 17, 2005 - Japanese architect, Terunobu Fujimori, 58 built the teahouse on the tree in April 2004 - He named it Takasugi-an that appears to be happily frolicking in the wind surrounded by farm field tucked deep in the hill of Chino, Nagano prefecture - The structure name is very joking and playful, meaning a an overly tall hermitage - Fujimori designed Takasugi-san is ultimate hideaway from the University of Tokyo professor - The tree house with a tiny skylight sticking out like a chimney for far a face, two spindly legs, two chestnut trees serving as supports - riding up the long ladder to his tearoom in the sky - The house is 10 meters to the top of the roof, treehouse is as high as on the third floor of usual building - The tiny room is 3 tatami mat tearoom - The room is keep swaying back and forth when you move, but it is built stable - He said 6 people can stay in the room - chestnut tree is very hard and strong to rain water - The room walls are white, inside is tea ceremony style equipped with a hearth - The room has three windows and you can see beautiful mountains before you and his neighbors on their field where is his ground - When I was in the room, I felt space world from usual busy life - He grew up in Chino and lived until high school - Fujimori finished the interior and exterior by Jomon Kenchiku (Japanese C 8000 bc to 300 bc) He does not want many people visit there, he built is for his calm and think time - He enjoy nature world.  (Photo by Kurita KAKU/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)