Goz Beida, CHAD: A truck backed up against a French Airforce transport plane is loaded with humanitarian aid at an airstrip just outside Goz Beida, which is 90 kilometres (50 miles) from the Sudanese border 17 June 2007.The first flight of a French air bridge to ferry humanitarian aid to victims of the Darfur crisis touched down Sunday in this town in eastern Chad.The French military Transall, travelling from Chad's capital N'Djamena brought "priority items such as mats, water bottles, blankets and so forth -- that are sorely lacking as the rainy season nears," Colonel Jean-Bruno Vautrey, head of the French military in Chad, told AFP. Vautrey said the air bridge would continue "so long as the state of the runway is not put in danger and there is a need (for aid) to fulfill. Aid will be evaluated once a week."  AFP PHOTO/Sonia ROLLEY (Photo credit should read SONIA ROLLEY/AFP via Getty Images)