LONDON, United Kingdom:  British Prime Minister Tony Blair selects a pair of a pair of shiny grey shoes when asked to pick out a pair of women's shoes to match grey shorts and a woollen jumper during a visit for the official opening of the Fashion Retail Academy in central London, 31 October 2006. Blair strutted into the fashion world Tuesday -- then revealed his attempts to cut a dash in the beachwear range proved a disaster. Blair, normally a man for a sober suit and tie combination, lifted the lid on his fashion hell as he attended the opening of the Fashion Retail Academy's new home in London. "I have to say that when I told my wife and 18-year-old daughter about coming to the opening of this fashion academy, they fell about laughing, he said. I am not known for my fashion sense." AFP PHOTO/Fiona Hanson/WPA rota  (Photo credit should read FIONA HANSON/AFP via Getty Images)