KIRKUK, IRAQ - FEBRUARY 27: Peshmerga military at the ISIL front lines some 15 km south of Kirkuk. The city of Kirkuk is around 150 miles north of Baghdad and the ancient center of the Iraqi Turkmen population and recently named 'the capital of Iraqi culture'. Kirkuk, however, lies very much within Kurdistan and has always been one of the regions biggest oil producers with estimated reserves of 10 billion barrels in the oilfields around the city. The largest oil pipeline heading south out the Kirkuk field - just a mile from this Peshmerga frontline position- is critical to Kurd/Iraqi/international trade and therefore a target for recent ISIS insurgent groups who have planted themselves just south of Kirkuk for the past 18 months. The sporadic fighting continues. In March 2016, ISIL militants launched a chemical attack that had 600 reported injuries. 9 Peshmerga soliders were killed. (Photo by Giles Clarke/Getty Images)