WYOMING - MAY 8: (US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT AND NEWSWEEK OUT)  Below a natural gas drilling rig, a roughneck cleans the threads of a new section of 30-foot  drilling pipe May 8, 2004 eight miles north of Evanston, Wyoming. The well is a wildcat operation (speculative) in the Overthrust Belt of southwestern Wyoming and will attempt to find gas at 16,700 feet. Mick McMurry, from Casper, Wyoming, and other investors were the developers of the Pinedale-Jonah gas fields north of Evanston and recently sold the giant area to a Canadian company for hundreds of millions in cash. The U.S. is facing a future of depleted natural gas reserves and continues to import natural gas from foreign suppliers for electricity generation. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)