BAUTZEN, GERMANY - APRIL 07:  The plaiting mane of a horse is prepared for the Easter riders procession April 7, 2012 in Wittichenau near Bautzen, Germany. Sorbians, a Slavic minority in eastern Germany, celebrate Easter Sunday with processions of mounted riders dressed in 19th-century outfits who travel from village to village to sing and announce the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sorbians speak their own language, Sorbian, which is related to Czech and Polish, and maintain a culture rich in traditions, theatre, literature, poetry, education, media and crafts. Since the dissolution of the former East Germany in 1989, Sorbians have seen the unity of their ethnicity erode as young Sorbians have begun to leave for bigger cities while Sorbian institutions see funding from government subsidies cut. Approximately 1,500 Sorbian men participate in the annual Easter riding.  (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)